Monday, September 01, 2008

'born digital' by urs gasser and john palfrey has been released

I would have reported about the release of 'Born Digital' anyway because it is a timely and most important contribution to the topical issues of understanding how young people who have been born digital tick and what the impact of new media upon the forming of this generation is (and vice versa).
I find it even more urgent to report about the book release however because I am proud to know both of its authors, Urs Gasser and John Palfrey, and happen to know how brilliantly they think and how well they can express their insights.

As a digital migrant, I look forward to holding the book in my hands (kindle is not available in Europe yet so I must give myself happy with having a good old hard copy).

Here is more about the book and the whole digital natives project.
Do buy the book because we indeed need to know what is happening with the digital natives and not just make unqualified guesses as digital migrants.

PS: Congrats, Urs and John! Well done, as always.